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Byron Bay| Scented Candles Trio Gift Set - 3 x 18hr Candles

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This ‘Treat Yourself to Something Special Candles Trio’ was created for you to experience 3 aromas from the Byron Bay Candles range to discover which are your favourites. Try aromas you haven’t had before or stock up on some extra gifts for loved ones to gift as required. There’s great saving to be had by buying in bulk! 

  • 3 x small 18 hour scented candles
  • mix and match your favourite aromas to make up this quantity buy
  • this ensures you are burning elements free of petroleum, paraffin and parabens which can have adverse side effects to your health.
  • NO palm oil is used in the manufacturing of these candles


  • all candle jars are presented with a timber lid on an opaque white glass jar that creates a warm ambient glow when lit.
  • Includes 3 x 18 hour scented candles that are 55mmW x 75mmH


French Pear -  is an enticing aroma of ripe pears, laced with cinnamon and a slight touch of coconut and vanilla to soften the spice.
Pears are also rich in essential antioxidants and combined with cinnamon and clove for you to inhale to combat the symptoms of colds and congestion.

Coconut Lime - is an invigorating blend of fresh coconut, lime and verbena along with rich undertones of dreamy vanilla. A classic summer beach fragrance and makes for a great reminder of your favourite summer holiday.

Vanilla Caramael - is a sweet, rich and buttery caramel that is melt in the delicious. Laced with overlays of creamy vanilla, it provides a warm, comforting feeling to a room.
When inhaled this blend it is often associated to happy memories of cooking in the kitchen, eating chocolate and sharing sweet treats with loved ones.