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Byron Bay | Scented Pure Soy Candle And Refill Candle Twin Gift Set

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Select a Scent: Coconut Lime
Select a Scent for your Refill Candle: Exotic Amber

This scented Pure Soy Candle Gift Twin Set candle is hand-poured with 100% pure soy wax and assembled with pure cotton wicks this ensures you are burning elements free from nasty and toxic chemicals like petroleum, paraffin and parafens which can have adverse side effects to your health.

    • 50+ hour burn time
    • timber lid with an opaque white glass jar that creates a warm ambient glow when lit.
    • A truly Australian made gift set, hand-poured in Byron Bay.
    •  Includes:
      • a 50 hour scented candle
      • a 50 hour refill candle so when the candle burns down the jar can be recycled and re-used again and again.
      • Gift Box dimensions: 22cmW x 15cm D x 10.5cmH
      • Weight: 1.5kg

    Vanilla Caramel

    A sweet, rich and buttery caramel that is melt in the mouth delicious. Laced with overlays of creamy vanilla, this combination provides a warm, comforting aroma to a room.

    Bamboo & White Lilly

    A charming infusion of white lily wrapped in the fresh oriental notes of bamboo leaves, this scent is elegantly subtle.

    French Pear

    An enticing aroma of ripe pears, laced with cinnamon and a slight touch of coconut and vanilla to soften the spice.

    Japanese Honeysuckle

    A sweetly intoxicating fruity floral blend capturing the light-hearted fragrance of the delightful honeysuckle vine; blended with mandarin, pine, neroli, vanilla, jasmine and cedar wood.

    Lime Basin Mandarin

    A citrus tang of lime, juicy mandarin and underlying tones of sweet basil.

    Lotus Flower

    Layers of perfect white lotus delicately woven with threads of vanilla and patchouli to provide you with an intoxicating aroma of mystery.

    Sandalwood Vanilla

    Sandalwood is combined with a subtle blend of orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla for a softening touch.

    Beach Holiday

    An energising blend infused with rosemary, lemon, neroli, cedar-leaf and teak wood to take you back to the beach for a fresh coastal escape.

    Exotic Amber

    An exotic blend of amber, cedar-wood and patchouli laced together with a subtle hint of vanilla which makes it appealing to many a woman.

    Wild Frangipani

    A rich tropical fragrance containing elements of pure frangipani essential oil.

    Uplight (pure essential oils)

    A pure essential oils blend with the invigorating freshness of lemongrass, peppermint and grapefruit, along with the rejuvenating properties of clary sage, bergamot and aniseed to make it the perfect pick you up.

    Rain Water

    A classic, floral bouquet of carnation, lily, jasmine, tuberose, violet and crisp white grapefruit.

    Enrich(pure essential oils)

    A pure essential oils blend with the softness of ‘Lavender’ with the subtle touch of Patchouli and Grapefruit.

    Festivity(pure essential oils) 

    A pure essential oils blend with the softness of ‘Lavender’ with the subtle touch of Patchouli and Grapefruit.

    Harmony( pure essential oils)

    A synergy of pure essential oils with sweet orange, ylang ylang and rose geranium for a blend to balance and sooth your emotions and invoke emotions of love.

    Sunset Ambience(pure essentials oils)

    Citronella, lavender & lemon scented eucalyptus so you can enjoy a wonderful natural aroma inside or outside your home and keep those biting nasties away at the same time.