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Doorstop Scotty Dog

by Lavida
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White furry muzzle - the tiny little tail and the grey textured body makes little Spotty such a delight to behold - that apart he is tough one knowing well how t handle the errant doors that seem to have a mind of their own shutting firmly when you want them to be open. 

Let spotty tackle all your door related issues with its tiny little presence that despite its size is designed to hold on to doors however heavy. A perfect little doorstop that in spite of its mundane job will bring a lovely cheery look to the entryway of any room.

Little Spotty is going to stand guard, working hard t ensure that your doors remain completely under control not slamming shut when the wind picks up or when you need the door to be wide open as you bring in heavy bags or luggage. This little doorstop has bene designed to add a spot of interest despite its pretty mundane job.

The dog shape has been perfectly achieved with the help of poly fill - the polyester fabric holds the weight in and maintains its shape well despite the tough job it performs. The furry paws and the upright tail add to its cute little presence adding that mots welcoming sight.

Be it the children's room where the door needs to be slightly open or the nursery door that needs to only slightly ajar - this doorstop will grip the door well and make sure that be it a windy day or the time when you need the door to be open as you bring in heavy bags - little spotty will come to your rescue.

  • Material: Polyester, Polyfill
  • Size: 29x10x21.5cm