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Plate Magnolia

by Lavida

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The Plate Magnolia has a stunning visual attraction given not just its rectangular shaped crafting, but also its elaborately rendered colourful ornamentation of the surface of this plate using the magnolia plate. The magnolia motif is rendered in brightly appealing shades and colours of pink, red, violet, and green over a general ash white coloured background. It is not only suitable as a decorative plate, but also as a serving ware.

If you have ever been wondering how the magnolia plant got its name, then you might be surprised to find out that it was named after a notable individual – the French botanist Pierre Magnol! With over 210 species which comes in different sizes, shapes, and colours, the magnolia plant is a true floral beauty. It is the stunning beauty of the magnolia flower which transfers to this porcelain plate as the plate possessive a charming visual appeal.

The magnolia motif is rendered using bright colours of pink, red, green and even white.