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Santa Decorative Bowl Aqua - Small

by Lavida
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The Bowl Santa Aqua Small is one gorgeous bowl which would be perfect for use in decorating tables and other strategic points around living, working, entertainment and other spatial settings where people who value and celebrate Christmas may be found. It is especially perfect because it helps eliminate the tiresome, exhaustive hours customers often spend going through shop collections before getting the perfect Christmas gift.

Shaped like the conventional spherical bowl, this Bowl Santa Aqua Small however, goes beyond the aesthetic craftsmanship o conventional bowls, it goes on to take on the extra-ordinary look of a decorative ornament which would add a feel of festivity to every home, office, restaurant, hotel, and other living, working and entertainment spaces during this coming Christmas. Made through the use of premium quality metal, it features on one edge of the bowl, the head of Santa Claus complete with his felt pointy hat, round bulbous nose and immaculate white beards.

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 12.5x12x11cm