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Free Australian Postage on Orders over $60

Byron Bay | Coconut Lime Fragrant Reed Diffuser

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  • Overall height (with sticks) 315mm
  • Jar width: 65 x 65mmW x 110mmH
  • Jar volume: 140ml
  • Lasts approximately 90 days

How to Use 

  • Reed diffusers work by placing the reeds in the provided jar of scented oils.
  • Over time each reed stick draws the oils up through the stick and naturally releases the aroma into the air.
  • Each scent is lovingly combined to lift your emotional state of mind and create a sense of harmony in your environment home and workplace.
  • NB: oils may react to painted surfaces so always place your diffuser on a coaster to prevent damage from accidental spillages.
  • The more reeds you add the larger the scent throw.
  • Rotate the reed stick for a burst of scent into your room
  • For smaller, enclosed rooms start with less reeds and add more as required.
  • Change your reed sticks every time you refill your diffuser jar to ensure they disperse efficiently as over time they will collect dust.