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Hanging Angel Halo Aqua

by Lavida
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Grab one of these hanging angels and give your modern Australian home the perfect vibe for the holiday season! These aqua-themed angels bring a divine charm with them that lights up the dinner table with pleasant chatter. The aqua theme brings a soothing presence with them and the golden wings and halo bring fascination and excitement making it the perfect gift this Christmas. With its adorable wooden body and sturdy metallic and string elements, this angel is the ideal thing to show off to anyone who visits your home.

These angels look good in every corner of the house, even brightening up the dark and sulky ones. Their calming influence is also sleep-inducing and goes a long way in creating the perfect atmosphere. Being the perfect addition to your interior, these angels are not only a fashion statement but also one that lasts many seasons
  • Material: Metal, Wood, String
  • Size: 11x3x3cm