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Pot Stake Reindeer White

by Lavida
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The Pot Stake Reindeer White is an ornament with a delightful simplicity which would add a magical appeal to every interior decoration especially during such special festive occasions as Christmas celebrations. This ornament, which is thematically crafted to look like a reindeer, will blend in perfectly into every interior decoration of homes, churches, public places, etc. especially during this forthcoming Christmas celebration.

Reindeers are a popular, traditional motif in every Christmas decoration and celebration. This is because this animal is associated with Santa Claus with Santa having his world-famous sleigh pulled by nine reindeers. This is partly the reason why you can be rest assured that this Pot Stake Reindeer White would be a quick selling Christmas item among your customers. The reindeer is made in a vertically inclined dimension such that he stands straight supported by a black metallic rod and maintains a dancing posture. On the top of his head are two gold coloured horns and has beaded stringed hands.

  •  Material: Metal, Wood
  • Size: 39x5.5x3cm