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Santa Decorative Bowl Gold - Small

by Lavida
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The Santa Bowl Gold Small is a Medium sized Santa themed Christmas decorative bowl which you can be rest assured would catch the attention of all of your customers given its exquisitely crafted design. It features a metallic spherical shaped bowl which is crafted in a portable sized dimension that would be immensely decorative and befitting of all Christmas themed décor without consuming precious space.

Having an interior that is painted in a glossy gold colour, the Santa Bowl Gold Medium is a portable sized Christmas decorative bowl which has its exterior luxuriously painted in an immaculate white palette before being ornamented through the use gold coloured stars. On the edge of the bowl is the image of the full head of Santa Claus showcasing his usual pointy felt hat hued in gold, a bulbous round nose, and white long beards. It would make a grand decorative statement if placed at the centre of dining tables, as the centrepiece of living rooms while containing sweets, candies and cookies, and in several other decorative and functional ways.

  • Material: Metal
  • Size: 12.5x12x11cm