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Sign Beware Dog

by Lavida
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The Sign Beware Dog is the classic way through which customers can express their love for their dogs while getting to decorate their homes all at the same time.

This lovely decorative sign post can be used by all dog lovers even if they currently do not own a dog. Moreover, it could also be used as the item of remembrance of a dog such as when travelling or going places where dogs are not allowed.

Made through the combination of two different materials, the Sign Beware Dog is an eclectic pet themed decorative sign that you really should buy today!

The surface of the sign post is made using specially engineered medium density fibreboard while the back is made of durable metal material. On the brown wooden surface are the white lettered words "home is where the dog is". At the left is a cut-out in the shape of love. Customers can choose to affix the picture of their beloved dog in this section of the sign post.


  • Product Dimensions: 25.5x1x19cm
  • Product Material: Wood