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Sign Enjoy the Little things

by Lavida
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The Sign Enjoy is a decorative item as well as an instruction that is meant to be obeyed. It is made in the shape of a rectangle that is vertically inclined unlike the usual horizontal inclination of rectangles. It has such exceptional visual appeal as it is made from carefully engineered Medium-Density Fibreboard which is shaped in a portable dimension that could have belonged to any picture frame.

Up to the minute and delightfully charming, the Sign Enjoy is dual functioning sign that would appeal greatly to your customers.

This is because it is as highly instructive as it is a décor brightening ornament. It is a sign which instruct customers to "Enjoy THE LITTLE things" of life rather than waiting for on big or spectacular event or situation to happen.

In another angle, it is a preacher of contentment and personal happiness.

It is made in a dimension which measures 20.5 centimetres in length, 4 centimetres wide and 25.5 centimetres tall.