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Star Berry Twigs

by Lavida
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Stars are part of the traditional, popular motifs with which Christmas is often decorated. They are known worldwide for their symbolic representation worldwide. As a result, star ornaments such as this lovely Star Berry Twigs are constantly selling items when Christmas is around the corner. This particular star ornament is made of plastic and metal and has an exact 14 centimetres in length and height.

With as much as 216 of these floral ornamented 5-point Star Berry Twigs in every carton you order today, you can be rest assured that they are bound to be quick selling ornaments especially when Christmas draws near. The 5-point shaped star is made of sturdy metal and then ornamented with a floral vine having red berries and its leaves flecked with snow. The snow frosted vine leaves puts on a winter theme while the whole apparatus combines its star shape with its choice of green and red vines to produce a perfect Christmas motif. It even comes with a twine made rope for easy hanging option.