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Table Runner Mimosa

by Lavida
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The Table Runner Mimosa presents a lovely challenge to every host, hostess, chef, events planner, and every other person who intends to decorate spatial settings, especially when food and party are involved. The challenge this table runner presents is a simple one for those who are not so creative in decoration, but a complex one for the multi-talented decorators as it can be employed in tens of decorative ways given its bright mimosa plant motif.

Did you know that the Mimosa tree has a peculiar name among all peoples of every country where it may be found? For example, in Persian, it is often called ‚Äúnight sleeper‚ Äù while in Japan it has a similar name as it is also called‚ Äúthe sleeping tree‚Äù.

It is this same extravagantly showy and colourful tree that decorates this table runner while giving it such irresistibly enchanting visual and decorative appeal which will brighten just about any interior or exterior table setting.

  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 30x180x.5cm