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Baby Shower Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use

Baby Shower Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use

Baby Shower Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use.
Whether you’ve been invited to a baby shower or are expecting a newborn yourself—shopping for baby products can be downright confusing unless you know what you’re looking for.
 In Australia the baby care industry has skyrocketed, and experienced an average growth of 12.5% each year since 2017.
With the amount of baby products available in brick-and-mortar and e-Commerce shops, finding the perfect gift for a baby shower can be stressful.
Luckily—we’ve got you covered with our curated gift-giving guide for baby showers and expectant mum’s alike—so you can rest assured your gift will not disappoint.
10 Baby Shower Gifts New Parents Will Actually Use
1. Bedding

During those hazy first months of your newborn’s life, babies sleep alot albeit not for long or appropriate periods. Newborns have small stomachs, so they wake up every few hours to eat, which unfortunately means endless nights of disrupted sleep for parents. Use those moments while your babe is asleep to get some shut eye yourself, and keep your little one as comfy as can be in cotton cot fitted sheets that are organic, breathable and ultra-soft and sweet decorative cushion.

2. Swaddles and blankets
    One of the gifts recommended most to expecting parents are baby blankets and swaddles.
    Blankets are an essential product for new parents—parents can use them to swaddle their baby of course, or as burping cloths and nursing covers.
    We recommend getting one that can double as a photo backdrop—this Muslin swaddle comes already gift-wrapped (which is a great way to save time and money on gift wrapping), is an ideal size (100 cm x 100 cm) and has an adorable whale pattern.
    3. Baby Onesies and Outfits
      Baby onesies are a staple wardrobe piece that all new parents need.
      Babies go through 3 or more outfits a day courtesy of their little adventures and mishaps, this means that new parents go through a lot of baby clothes—and washing.
      You’re best off going with an outfit set so that you can get a the best bang for your buck. Check out out baby collection for more details.
      4. Baby Nail Clippers
        Babies are born with long nails, and they can easily scratch their skin and hurt themselves. Baby clippers are a gift that you know parents will actually need, and use regularly.
        It can be intimidating to cut a baby’s nails, so it’s important to get a nail clipper that’s easy to use. These nail clippers are available on Amazon for $6.99, and has an ergonomic design making it’s simple and straightforward to use.
        5. Baby Bibs
          If you know anything about newborns and babies in general, you’ll know that vomiting is part of daily life and goes all over their clothes (and whoever happens to be holding them.)
           Baby bibs are a great gift for a baby shower that you know new parents will use every single day. Baby bibs are used whenever you think they might need it, especially when eating, and it will seriously help save parents from having to wash their baby’s clothes after each meal.
          You can usually purchase baby bibs in packs—the Living Textile Organic Bandana Bips comes with two bibs, and they are easy to fasten and toss in the washer.
           6. Bottles and Sippy Cups
            New parents typically need an average of 6 to 12 bottles on hand so they have one ready for when their baby needs to eat.
            There are plenty of baby bottles on the market to choose from. While this may sound perculiar, glass bottles have become popular in the baby care space, and while this might sound strange, the type of glass used for baby bottles is much more durable and stronger than standard glass.
            This Non Spill Sippy Cup is practical and affordable for everyday use as it helps baby transition in learning to hold a bottle.
            7. Wash Cloths for Bath time
              Experts say that parents should bath their infants around 3 times a week, any more than that could dry out the baby’s delicate skin.
              There are a number of products new parents will need for bath time—but besides a bathing tub—baby wash cloths are an essential item, and also make for the perfect gift at a baby shower.
              Since baby skin is extremely sensitive, you’ll need soft wash cloths that are gentle on baby’s skin.
              This 4-pack wash cloth set by Living Textiles is gentle on baby skin, made from 100% cotton and clean easily in the wash.
              8. Baby Towels
                Baby towels are another bath time essential—so, if you want to impress with your gift—pair a bath towel with the washcloths above to make it the ultimate baby bath time gift, that you know new parents will actually get great use out of.
                Not all baby bath towels are the same, so you’ll want to make sure you get one that’s soft and easy to wash.
                If you’re looking for something gender neutral, this Hooded Towel is incredibly cute, made from 100% cotton and has an adorable elephant embroidered on the hood.

                9. Baby Socks
                  When babies’ feet aren’t covered with footed pants or onesies, socks and booties are important for protecting baby’s feet and keeping them warm.
                  We all know that newborns and babies in general grow fast, luckily socks are not overly expensive, and you can usually find socks in a pack.
                  It’s recommended for parents to have 5-7 pairs of baby socks on hand for newborns, so with this gift parent’s will be set in the baby socks department.


                  10. Full Outfits and Pant/Shirt Sets

                    One of the most exciting (and adorable) parts of new parenthood is dressing up your baby in the most precious newborn outfits.
                    When it comes to buying baby outfits, you can go wild and end up breaking the bank buying expensive baby clothes. Remember that babies grow out of their clothes incredibly fast, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t affordable and high-quality clothes available.
                    It’s recommended to have around 7 full outfits or pant/shirt sets for newborns ready at any time.  Bebe Baby Overalls & Pants set is a great price at $30.95, and make a handsome baby boy outfit. Dresses for girls are an ideal choice— dusty pink Muslin Dress and matching bloomer is available for $31.90 by the brand Petit Bamboo.
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