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Creating a Warm and Cozy Nursery

Creating a Warm and Cozy Nursery

Creating a Warm and Cozy Nursery for your baby this Winter!
As a new parent, it’s easy to get carried away and spend tons of money buying clothes for your baby that you hardly end up using.
 Babies grow fastso it’s important to stick to the essentials, and focus on clothes you’ll actually usebut that doesn’t mean you have to give up the cute baby clothes.
As we head into the Aussie winter, you’ll want to be prepared with all the winter wardrobe essentials so that you and your baby stay warm and comfortable (and cute!) while you head out.
We’ve got you coveredliterally and figurativelywith our list of the top winter wardrobe essentials to keep your baby snug in the colder weather.
Top 10 Aussie Winter Wardrobe Essentials to Keep Your Baby Warm During Winter

1. Swaddle Blankets
If you have a newborn, then swaddle blankets are essential. Swaddling your baby helps soothe and calm your baby. Swaddles also keep your baby warm and prevent them from scratching their delicate skin with their nails.
Swaddle blankets come in all shapes and sizes, and fabrics—but we recommend going for something soft and breathable, and a fabric that’s durable in the wash.
You’re better off spending a little more on higher-quality swaddle blankets that will last than going for the cheaper versions available. This 2-pack Jersey Swaddle Wrap is soft, has beautiful animal prints and is made out of 100% cotton jersey fabric.

2. Beanies and cold-weather hats
An essential baby winter wardrobe checklist is not complete without beanies and hats.
Keeping your baby’s noggin warm is important since babies don’t typically have that much hair covering their heads, especially as infants.
We suggest going with this trendy cable knit pompom beanie—it’s double-layered, 100% cotton and lined with ultra-soft sherpa lining. This knit beanie has ear flaps, so your baby’s ears will be all snuggled up too.

3. Formal/going-out outfits
As a general rule of thumb, when dressing your baby for winter, think of how you dress yourself during the winter and everything you normally need to feel comfortable while you’re out.
Pro-tip: if you’re concerned about whether your baby is warm enough while you’re out, just take a moment to feel their skin to see how cold or warm they are, and add or remove a layer based on how warm/cold their skin feels.
It’s always good to have a couple of outfits on hand whenever you’ve got a more formal event to attend, or really anytime you want your bub to look super cute. When it’s winter, you should stick with clothes that cover more of your skin and have more weight to them.
For baby boy clothes—anything ranging from overalls to track pants, jumpsuits or long-sleeves works great during the winter season. This Bebe Baby Overalls and Pants Set is a very versatile option for $30.95, comes in a chic mustard seed colour corduroy, and cotton track pants that would work with just about anything.
If you’re on the lookout for baby girl clothes, Muslin Dress and Matching Bloomer Set has got enough weight to it that your baby will be warm, but it’s made out of cotton material which helps it stay breathable.
Add a jacket on top, or a sweater/cardigan to keep your baby’s arms and upper body warm, and you’re all set to go.

4. Pram or bassinet blankets
Whether you’re heading on a walk to the park or out doing chores, it’s a good idea to add an extra blanket to your baby’s pram throughout the winter months.
 Blankets are a convenient way to make sure your baby isn’t exposed to any harsh or cold winds, and you can personally adjust blankets based on whether your baby is feeling warm or cold. An added bonus is that they’re insanely soft, and also elevate your baby’s pram decor.
If you’re looking for something minimalist and practical, these Organic Cot Cellular Blankets come in a variety of shades, they are made from 100% organic cotton knit, which looks simple, clean and will last. If you want to make the most of your money, you can use these as your baby’s bedtime cot blanket too.

5. Pajamas
When it comes to purchasing pajamas for your little ones, safety also plays a role.
For example, you shouldn’t keep your baby’s bassinet too close to your heater, and you can also choose clothes with fabric that’s known to be less susceptible to catching fire.
This Eli the Elephant Rattle & Muslin Gift set from Lozza’s Gifts will keep your little one comfy and help them sleep throughout the night and play wit the toy set keeping your little one happy. They come in a soft and breathable cotton fabric that won’t stick to their skin or get too hot.

6. Socks and booties
Protect your bubs’ feet and toes with warm socks and booties—keep both near your front door so you’re set for when you head out.
When it comes to purchasing baby socks, it’s best to go with a pack instead of purchasing individual pairs. You don’t need to break the bank, and you can find some affordable, unisex pairs on Amazon for under $20.

7. Proper bedding
Practicing safe sleep behaviour is a huge safety concern for new parents because SIDS can occur from 0-to-6 months of age.
Make sure you’re prepped for winter with proper bedding so that your newborn won’t get too hot. According to Red Nose Australia, overheating while asleep has been associated with SIDS, so make sure you don’t have anything cover your baby’s head or face, and feel their skin to check how warm or cool they are.
These Pram-Fitted organic cotton jersey sheets are breathable, elasticized and extremely soft.

8. Teething toys
The weather doesn’t mean we can forget about other baby essentials, like infant teething toys.
This Silicone Elephant Teether will keep those little hands and mouths occupied, and looks cute as can be in your pram and home.
 It’s made from food-grade silicone, which means it doesn’t have BPA, latex, lead or phthalates, and is food-safe. It also makes for the perfect addition to any baby shower gift.

9. Baby Mitts
Keep your little ones' fingers and hands warm with a cute pair of winter mitts to go with this super cute Cable Knit Sherpa Pompom Beanie, for babies from 0-to-6 months.
10. Bodysuits
Baby bodysuits are a wardrobe essential for your bub all year round. Newborn babies (also known as baby blowout season) tend to require around 2-4 outfit changes a day. That’s a lot of washing, so you’ll want something that’s flexible, easy to toss in the wash and quick to get on and off your little one.
This Peanutshell Short-Sleeved Bodysuit and Bottom Set are affordable, machine washable and 100% cotton so that your baby won’t get too hot.
That ends our list of the top essential baby clothes you’ll need as we head into Australia’s colder season. What are some of your must-have and most recommended baby products? We’d love to know!
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